From the author of the bestseller The Opportunity Maker: Strategies for Inspiring Your Legal Career Through Creative Networking and Business Development (Thomson-West, 2008), which the New York Law Journal called “a must-have treasure box of marketing ideas,” offer your students an inspiring, practical and dynamic way to stand out in today’s stagnant economy by giving them:

My live programs use an entertaining and interactive trivia game, which emphasizes the ease with which many of the suggestions can be implemented and the tremendous impact that is possible. The key message throughout this program is that the law is an exciting field. It highlights how your students can find enjoyment, satisfaction and inspiration in their legal careers.

Here is what law school career officials have said:

"Your presentation could not have been better or more relevant. By the next morning, I had students telling me that they were implementing your ideas!"

- Suzanna Adelizi, Assistant Director of Career Services, Chapman University School of Law (Orange, CA)

"I highly recommend Ari Kaplan. He provides very creative but doable ways to network and explains well the need to develop relationships now and throughout one’s career. Plus, he has great timing and the students think he’s hilarious!"

- Cinnamon Baker, Director of Career Services, Barry University School of Law (Orlando, FL)

""We thought your presentation was great and we’ve already heard from a couple of the students how useful they found it as well."

-Beth Moeller, Assistant Dean for Career Services, UCLA School of Law (Los Angeles, CA)

"Ari was an excellent speaker, very engaging and he provided creative networking tips for students and alumni. We really enjoyed his presentation, which for an hour and a half flew by because of Ari’s presentation ability."

- Rena Varghese, Assistant Director of Career Services, St. John's University School of Law (Queens, NY)

"We certainly enjoyed having you, and our students benefitted greatly from all of your wonderful advice and suggestions. The buzz is very good. Students who were not able to come have told me that they heard the program was excellent. Whenever I have the opportunity to sing your praises, know that I will!"

- Karen C. Sargent, Esq., Assistant Dean for Career Services, SMU Dedman School of Law (Dallas, TX)

"It was a pleasure having you here yesterday. As I mentioned, you gave some great concrete tips for how students can start to build their network."

- Susan C. Robinson, Esq., Associate Dean for Career Services, Stanford Law School (Palo Alto, CA)

"Thank you so much for the incredible presentation you gave at our law school yesterday. We felt extremely lucky to host you and have you share such valuable information with our students and alums."

- Misae Nishikura, Esq., Asst. Dean for Career Devel., Univ. of Denver College of Law (Denver, CO)

"Thank you again for your wonderful presentation. My entire staff and the students really enjoyed it."

- Joan King, Director of the Career Center, Brooklyn Law School (Brooklyn, NY)

"It was a pleasure meeting you here and having you speak to our students."

- David A. Montoya, Assistant Dean for Career Services, University of Texas School of Law (Austin, TX)

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The topics include:

I have spoken to law students at:

Appalachian School of Law
American University Washington College of Law
Arizona State University O'Connor College of Law
Brooklyn Law School
Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law
Chapman University School of Law
Chicago-Kent College of Law
Howard University School of Law
John Marshall Law School
Phoenix School of Law
SMU - Dedman School of Law
Stanford Law School
St. John's University Law School
Tulane University Law School
University of Arizona James E. Rogers School of Law
UCLA School of Law
University of Denver Sturm College of Law
University of Texas School of Law

Here is what law students have said:

“I have always said that I want to live my life by design, not by default and I will use your book as a guide post on doing just that. I honor you for following your calling and teaching others how to do the same!”

- Bridgette Bennett, J.D. Candidate 2011
Barry University School of Law (Orlando, FL)

“I truly enjoyed your program at SMU this evening; you gave us some excellent examples of ways to increase our opportunities through meeting people and making us interesting.”

- Alex Farr, J.D. Candidate 2010
SMU-Dedman School of Law (Dallas, TX)

“Everyone I talk to now knows who you are! I can't stop talking about the presentation.”

- Delilah Strickland, J.D. Candidate 2011
John Marshall Law School (Chicago, IL)

“You provided some excellent tips and such. Thanks for them; I appreciate it.”

- Blake Bailey, J.D. 2009
Stanford Law School (Palo Alto, CA)

“I had too much fun in your lecture and your ideas were so clever, that maybe you could be an excellent speaker for the TED conference.”

- Abel Moreno, L.L.M Candidate 2009
American University Washington College of Law (Washington, DC)

“You were an amazing speaker.”

- Joy Riddle, J.D. 2010
Phoenix School of Law (Phoenix, AZ)

“Your enthusiasm and energy contributed to my understanding and really made me want to do the things you discussed.”

- Ben Harrison, J.D. 2009
Appalachian School of Law (Grundy, VA)

“I enjoyed your presentation and found it to be extremely helpful...”

- Saran Q. Edwards, J.D. Candidate, Class of 2011
University of Arizona Rogers College of Law (Tucson, AZ)

“I enjoyed your presentation at the convention and think your program would be beneficial to others as well.”

- Matthew Riehl, J.D. 2009
University of Wyoming College of Law (Laramie, WY)

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. You should consider a side job in stand-up. :-)"

- Nick Geraci, J.D. Candidate 2010
Barry University Andreas School of Law (Orlando, FL)

“You conducted an incredibly inspiring event, thank you for the upbeat nature of your words.”

- Carrie Thompson Jones, J.D. Candidate 2011
Arizona State University O’Connor College of Law (Tempe, AZ)

Supplement the program with a four-session telephone series that requires no travel expenses and is less than half of the live program cost?

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In response to requests from the community, I have introduced a supplement to this program using the newly created Discussion Guide for The Opportunity Maker: Strategies for Inspiring Your Legal Career Through Creative Networking and Business Development (Thomson-West, 2008) to take your students through a four-week program in which I facilitate 50-minute discussions by phone to focus them on the fine art of networking and relationship management using technology and various other tools. These group discussions are designed to serve between 6-20 students. Please feel free to call my office directly at (646) 641-0600 to inquire about dates.

What is The Opportunity Maker and how can I use this discussion guide?

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The Opportunity Maker is a roadmap for career and business development success.  It teaches techniques for harnessing your potential from law school through partnership.

This discussion guide is meant to be a companion to the book to empower students, as well as a lawyers, paralegals and administrators, in creating opportunities to enhance their profiles, set the foundation for professional relationships and to stand out in today’s stagnant economy.  It should help foster discussions on key topics that are critical to the success of each member of the legal community.

It contains a plan of action for a 4-session self-directed program for groups of 6-20 individuals interested in maximizing their networking, mentoring, media positioning, publishing, storytelling and overall rainmaking talent in the current economic climate.  There is a particular emphasis on using technology to supplement your efforts.

Session 1

Topic:  Networking and the Science of Organic Self-Promotion

Selected Reading: 
Chapter 1 – The Most Important Lesson Law School Never Teaches
Chapter 4 – The Science of Self-Promotion
Chapter 5 – Networking & The Personal Aspects of Promoting Yourself
Chapter 6 – Make Friends, Not Contacts

Evaluate how you network and why.  Consider your motivation for meeting others and the ways in which you develop relationships.

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Discussion Questions:
What are your networking strengths and weaknesses?
What do you like and dislike about the process?
Are you successfully using social networking tools?
Who is the best networker you know and why?

Session 2

Topic:  Getting Published and the Impact of Interviewing Others

Selected Reading:
Chapter 2 – Rainmakers Study for the Knowledge, Not the Grades
Chapter 7 – Find Creative Ways to Connect
Chapter 8 – Write it Down
Chapter 9 – Be Creative With Publishing

Consider whether you have been published.  Recall the process and your motivation.  List the people that you would like to meet and determine how you could profile their accomplishments in a published article.  Evaluate how you could use social networking tools to aid you in this effort.

Discussion Questions:
What is the benefit of getting published?
What is the impact or potential impact of sharing a published article with your network?
What is your greatest obstacle to writing an article?
How can you use the drafting process to expand your network and enhance your profile?

Session 3

Topic:  Using Technology to Enhance Your Profile

Selected Reading:
Chapter 10 - Blogging in Law School
Chapter 11 - Broadcast Yourself
Chapter 12 - Raise Your Profile
Chapter 13 - Be Your Own Public Relations Firm

Determine how you convey your knowledge to your target audience.  Evaluate how closely aligned you are to a topic of interest given your presence online.  Identify the tools you already use and suggest ways that you could be more effective in that usage.

Discussion Questions:
Have you ever created a group on Facebook or LinkedIn related to your area of interest or practice?
How can you use a personal PR strategy to help your clients, prospects and firm?
Have you considered guest blogging on any topic?
How can an e-mail list and an online calendar transform your self-marketing?

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Session 4

Topic:  Customizing a Proactive Plan of Action

Selected Reading:
Chapter 3 – Find a Mentor
Chapter 14 – Customize
Chapter 15 – Investing for the Long Term
Chapter 16 – Think of Others
Chapter 17 – The Choice

Consider how you spend your time and what routines you can incorporate to enhance your effectiveness.  Create an image of your ideal future and identify the activities in which you will need to engage to bring that image to fruition.

Discussion Questions:
What can you offer your mentor?
How can you connect more effectively to the community?
How can a long-term career plan impact your perspective in the short-term?
What types of networking strategies are best suited to your personality?

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